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Florence Case

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The nurse should begin the assessment by attempting to determine the client's cultural heritage and language skills.

§ The client should be asked if any of his health beliefs relate to the cause of the illness or to the problem.

§ The nurse should then determine what, if any, home remedies the person is taking to treat the symptoms.

§ Nurses should evaluate their attitudes toward ethnic nursing care.

§ The process of self-evaluation can help the nurse become more comfortable when providing care to clients from diverse backgrounds

§ Nurses have a responsibility to understand the influence of culture, race ðnicity on the development of social emotional relationship child rearing practices &attitude toward health.

§ A child's self concepts evolves from ideas about his or her social roles

§ Important sub culture influences on children include ethnicity social class, occupation school peers and mass culture

§ Socioeconomic influences play major role in ability to seek opportunity for health promotion for wellness

§ Religious practices greatly influence health promotion belief in families.

§ Many ethnic and cultural groups in country retain the cultural heritage of their original culture.

§ How culture influences behaviors, attitudes, and values depends on many factors and thus is not the same for different members of a cultural group.

§ The nurse should have an understanding of the general characteristics of the major ethnic groups, but should always individualize care rather than generalize about all clients in these groups.

§ Before assessing the cultural background of a client, nurses should assess how they are influenced by their own culture.

§ The nursing diagnosis for clients should include potential problems in their interaction with the health care system and problems involving the effects of culture.

§ The planning and implementation of nursing interventions should be adapted as much as possible to the client's cultural background.

§ Evaluation should include the nurse's self-evaluation of attitudes and emotions toward providing nursing care to clients from diverse sociocultural backgrounds.

§ The client's educational level and language skills should be considered when planning teaching activities.

§ Discussing cultural questions related to care with the client and family during the planning stage helps the nurse understand how cultural variables are related to the client's health beliefs and practices, so that interventions can be individualized for the client.

§ Evaluation continues throughout the nursing process and should include feedback from the client and family.

§ Self-evaluation by the nurse is crucial as he or she increases skills for interaction.




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