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Food and Society

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Food and society

From people born in the first day, people have been inseparable from the food. In the people's needs, the food is always ranking in the first place. No food, no life. In the popular view, food is material for human or animal consumption. For the human body, foods are a substance that it can meet the people's normal life activities and help extend the life.

Human are social animals, from 10,000 years age, human have learned how to live together, and gradually formed a primitive tribes. In the primitive tribe, because of the surrounding environment affected so the primitive tribe will be moved or settled, and slowly develop lifestyle habits, and evolved into unique culture. When the tribe becomes stronger and has large number of population, they will settle in one place and set up an inhabited point, it will become a civilized society. Food is a very important factor in the establishment of a civilized society.

The emergence of agriculture and animal husbandry is the origin of human civilization. Prior to this, people's food sources are rely on hunting and gathering, their lives are depending on the location can provide their enough wild animals and plants. So the ancestors of the human always need migration because the amount of the food.

As the ancestors of all over the world in the migration of the way, step by step to observe and become familiar with the law of the growth of certain plants, and slowly understand how to cultivate crops. [Ancient India around 4500 BC began planting rice; 7000 BC in northern Thailand have been planting beans, gourd, cucumber crops; in Central and South America, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, respectively, corn, beans, potatoes and other crops of origin.](SEE. Reference, A) At the same time, Human ancestors from the hunting of wild animals slowly understand how the domestication of animals to obtain food.

The advent of agriculture and animal husbandry, marking the beginning of the civilization of the human diet. Civilization is the human response to natural challenges, the rise of agriculture and animal husbandry, Humanity has finally get rid of barbarism to civilization turning point. Crop cultivation and animal breeding, was originally intended human to have a source of food and secure life.

With the continuous development of society, people's food requirements are constantly improved. People through their own production and optimization of crop and animal varieties to meet the food needs of people on different occasions. Different circumstances will determine the relationship between food and society will be different. Also different social environment will also influence people's eating and drinking habits.



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