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Formal Letter for Company Application

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Essay Preview: Formal Letter for Company Application

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Formal letter for company application

Dear Mr Jackie

I had listened so many success about you about you long time ago hence it made good reason to write to you. I am writing to express an interest in the post advertised in last Monday's student job finder magazine. I have enclosed a full CV for your consideration. My full name's Vefa Bingol, from Turkey. I am 21 years old. I graduated at musicial school about three years ago when I was 18 in Istanbul. I have diploma for playing guitar and piano as well. I love music too much. I also sing while I'm listening music. It makes me feel complete. I am sociable person at the same time always smiling, honest, good listener, some couple of examples. I actually listen all kind of musics however the most enjoyable music is rockers. Long mounts laters, I have my own recorded song at least. I was working two years as an assistant in one of the biggest Records here in my town but I am not working anymore. I was not glad for the salary which was almost 300 euro, that's why it's not working anymore, because of the economical criz. I can come to your city and I will be available for interview at your convenience. My home address is Djemal Bjedik 18/2, my cellphone number is 078/392-195. You may contact me anytime. I would appreciate it if you could forward further details concerning salary and conditions. Aslo, time for the interview and place. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Your sincerely,




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