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Framing Family Violence and Suicide in Hong Kong News Media

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Essay Preview: Framing Family Violence and Suicide in Hong Kong News Media

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Suicide is a very serious problem in society that requires our attention to this issue. In Hong Kong, news about suicide is always highly publicized on the front page by using photos and sensational titles. Method of suicide and Sensitive word such as "die" and "suicide" are used in headlines to sensualize suicide. In recent years, by using animation to report the news, its effects on audience have significantly increased and result in a negative impact to the society.

Apply daily is one of the most popular animations viewed by Hong Kong people. By reporting news on suicide, they virtual the suicide process through the animation and by exposing the details, this intimates the vulnerable individual to commit suicide which is suggested by Gould (2001) that most human behavior is learnt through modeling.

In Hong Kong's newspaper, jumping and burning charcoal are more likely to be reported, the tendency to report more on these two methods not only because they are the most famous way of suicide, they are always more dramatic than the other suicide methods. In recent years, committing suicide is mostly related to relationship problems among the teenagers. In the news, especially animation, they provide detailed information of how they attempted suicide but simplified the reasons for suicide which in turn may create a suicide culture for the teenagers. Teenagers may see it as normal to end up their lives when they are facing problems.

The above are the common styles of Hong Kong newspaper in reporting the suicide which I think is inappropriate. According to Gould (2001) that there is a strong relationship between reports of suicide in mass media and an increase in the suicide rate, Hong Kong's mass media should avoid using sensitive headings, provide detailed description of the suicide method and giving out false impression to people especially teenagers that suicide is becoming famous by writing out victim's full name and with photographs. Instead they should take this opportunity to educate the public about suicide and provide information about counseling services. (Hong Kong Journalists Association, 2007)



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