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Frankenstein Case

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Essay Preview: Frankenstein Case

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In Thomas C. Fosters Book, How to Read Literature like a Professor you are able to more clearly understand why authors use specific ploys, ideas, and concepts to create and add depth and richness to their writing. By being able to understand what it is these authors are actually trying to do, it helps being able to analyze and fully dive into the meaning of a novel like Frankenstein by Mark Shelley. In the story a man named Victor Frankenstein creates a creature using the new knowledge of science he gained from the University of Germany which he attended after his mother's passing. When the creature is brought to life Victor is so terrified and horribly shocked at what he has created that he falls into an illness that last for many months. This is where one of the chapters from How to Read Literature like a Professor can be applied to the analysis of Frankenstein; Chapter 24: ...And Rarely Just Illness. Throughout the book of Frankenstein the concept of weather is also explored through metaphorical meaning. It serves as a quiet metaphor that foreshadows certain events in the same way that sickness does throughout the novel. With finding weather as such a major metaphor, foreshadowing, and symbolism; Chapter ten: Its More Than Just Rain and Snow can be used to further dive into the meaning of exactly how weather plays a major part in developing the story and plot. By using these chapters to look further into the meaning of the entire story of Frankenstein, the true meanings and reason for using these metaphors will show through.



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