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Frankenstein Case

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The Lord of the Flies and Frankenstein have quite a few similarities. But the main one that stuck out to me was that in both stories the characters were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. In The Lord of the Flies there was a plane crash on an island and the only survivors from the crash were the young boys. In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein creates what he thinks will be a masterpiece but turns out to be a monster. Frankenstein leaves his creation so that it has to learn life on its own. In both stories the characters have to learn how to conquer their fears and deal with the situation life gives them. They have to learn how to make fire, obtain food and water, and find or create shelter. In Frankenstein, the monster has to learn how to speak and read.

The monster is ugly and huge so the natives shun him from every town he passes through until he realizes that the normal people will not accept him. He does not know where he belongs in the strange world that he wonders through. He wonders everyday who his parents are, where as the boys from The Lord of the Flies know who their parents are. The boys just do not know where their parents are when they are in their time of need. Both sets of characters grow stronger as each story proceeds as they learn new things while also learning from their mistakes. Even though their parents are not there during their major crisis to protect and nurture them, both stories learn to cope without their parents and learn to know that they need to take control of their own lives. In the end the children are saved. But that happy ending never happens for the monster. He ends up still on his own living as a homeless person.



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