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Freedom of Speech on Social Issues

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Essay Preview: Freedom of Speech on Social Issues

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I have been writing as field reporter of a daily newspaper here in the philippines and I wanted to read articles about social issues related to freedom of speech. I started my journalism career since early 90's. I have been searching and reading articles related to my chosen career.

Since then, wanted to look for the meaning of awareness, freedom of speech, social issues related to freedom of speech.

I'm connected to the Daily Tribune newspaper--a daily broadsheet in the country. The paper was launched in 2004 and I am a founding reporter.

Traditionally, regulation of speech in the broadcast media (radio or television) is much more stringent than in print. The government needs only to show substantial or important interest. This rule is justified by the scarcity of frequencies (physical limitation of the airwaves), pervasiveness of the broadcast media and its unique accessibility to children. But the Philippine Supreme Court in Chavez v. Gonzalez, G.R. No. 168338 (February 15, 2008), departing from this traditional rule in American jurisprudence, emphatically ruled that any content-based restriction of speech, be it in print or broadcast media, shall be tested by the strict scrutiny standard.

Freedom of speech is not an absolute right. Not all speech is constitutionally protected. Speech that incites lawless conduct, so-called fighting words (words that provoke physical retaliation), libelous or defamatory speech, and obscenity can legitimately be prohibited or punished by the government.

Scope of Free Speech Clause

Freedom of speech under the Philippine Constitution includes freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the right of the people to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. Uttering protected speech makes the speaker not only immune from punishment for his words after they have been uttered, but also protects him against prior restraints or regulations that censor his words before they are uttered.



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