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When Prostitution Becomes a Social Issue

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Essay Preview: When Prostitution Becomes a Social Issue

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When Prostitution Becomes a Social Issue

Society has long been faced with the issue of prostitution and how to resolve the numerous disputes concerning its existence throughout the world. Prostitution, the exchange of sexual acts for payment, usually in the form of money, has seen a recent spike in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. Although prostitution has witnessed opposition from religion and government officials, there are those who claim that no one should be allowed to rule what sexual partners one is allowed to have. The issue of prostitution brings about numerous questions; who uses those services and how? What problems does prostitution bring about and can legalizing it be a possible solution?

The police department of Washington, D.C. has been recently been trying to crack down on prostitution and Sex Trafficking. Numerous community complaints about prostitutes littering public streets and the violence associated with it has driven the police to perform undercover operations to end its use. Recent stings have helped capture prostitutes, pimps and their clients. The multi-million dollar business said to be the oldest profession in the world attracts all kinds of clientele. It does not discriminate against race, gender or socio-economic status. The media has uncovered even famous politicians such as previous New York's governor Eliot Spitzer for the use of escorts. The men who use such services, often referred to as "Johns," drive downtown during rush hour in search of sexual pleasure. The city is also known to have numerous brothels that disguise themselves as massage parlors and offer sex. With the development of technology, prostitution has become harder to crack down on. In an attempt to avoid interactions with the police, sex workers have turned to the internet to search for clients.

Prostitution is a social problem that needs to be addressed because of the many problems it presents to the community. It is often associated with the commission of other crimes and can be seen as a gateway to violence. Who are these girls that sell their bodies for money? Many of the call girls do so voluntarily as a source of income, but many are also forced into doing so. Human trafficking, the illegal transport of people across international lines to be used in the commission of crimes, is associated with prostitution. Numerous young women are either kidnapped or coerced into traveling to other countries and are then forced into having sex with numerous men daily. Women from other countries are often brought to the United States with the promise of lucrative job opportunities, only to be forced to work as sex slaves. Many young ladies that come from broken homes are often physically abused by their parents and who seek a way out are introduced to an addictive drugs. In an effort to support their drug habits, they turn to the world of prostitution. Authorities have rescued numerous underage females who have been kidnapped and forced to have sex without earning any money. Prostitution affects society's morals and values and devalues women as human beings. The psychological and physical abuse women undergo as prostitute's is inhumane and need to be stopped.

If these young women are fortunate enough



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