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Fresh Market by Ray Berry

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Essay Preview: Fresh Market by Ray Berry

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The Fresh Market was founded by Ray Berry and his wife Beverly. They got started in March of 1982, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their dream was to develop a grocery store that brought back the feeling of open European style markets. They wanted to be different from all the other conventional grocery stores. So, they developed a gourmet supermarket that specialized in offering fresh, unique and hard to find products.

They started by finding what they considered the right location... they looked for a small city, they though a smaller city would be easier to become a "big thing", they figured in a larger city they would need more stores. Working around the clock ray and Beverly renovated a former Bi-Rite Supermarket location, from top to bottom. All fixtures and display pieces were purchased used, as the store was financed entirely with the family's savings. The New Fresh Market location was transformed into a new shopping experience, with low level lighting and the sounds of classical music. The store was 14,000 sq ft. with only 50 employees. They were smaller service oriented, and they focused on perishable goods, such as fresh meats, seafood, and ripe fruits. They also carried all natural vitamins, bulk foods, and freshly roasted coffee. Within two years of the first opening, the family opened stores in Asheville and Hendersonville, at the time he did not provide financial details, but he said the business was profitable almost from the start.


The Fresh Market has grown in size, to 106 locations throughout the country. They are located in 21 states and currently in the process of opening more stores. They recently opened stores in Westport CT and Montvale NJ, and they have stores coming soon to Avon, CT and Scarsdale, NY.

Today Each store features a meat and seafood counter, full service deli, extensive cheese counter, bakery, florist/gift shop, a wide selection of beer, wine and spirits, as well as groceries, frozen foods, dairy products, coffee, candy, bulk foods, and produce.

Vision Statement

"To provide quality products to our friends and neighbors in a friendly and inclusive environment."

The Fresh Market have always remained focused on attracting a diverse group of individuals who are passionately committed and personally invested in creating a delightful, safe, warm, and inclusive environment for their employee and their customers.

Mission Statement

"We are dedicated to consistently delivering a superior shopping experience that exceeds our customers' expectations by offering fresh, premium products and providing a high level of customer service. "

"Our goal is to become an out of the ordinary food destination store for those who enjoy cooking and good eating."

Sticking to their dedication to be different and proving great customer service, has allowed their customers to enjoy the quality of their fresh products and their excellent level of customer serve. Their superiority is what keeps their customers coming back and what has made their business so successful.

Core Values

The fresh market has always been highly committed to the industry, their communities, their customers, and their employees. Their number one priority is to have everyone experience a great environment, whether it is working as an employee or shopping as a customer. Their business was built on three main core values. Respect, integrity, and empowerment.

Respect- Every single person that in one way or another has a relationship with the Fresh Market is always welcome. Everyone at



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