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Friends Case

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Everyone needs friends; they play a vital role in the lives of individuals. Different people have different attitudes, both good and bad and not everyone who we perceive as friends are what I would consider genuinely good friends. Therefore I have placed friends into three categories: thorns, shame old lady and roses. As we go through this essay we will explore these three categories to get a better understanding of the attitudes of friends.

Some friends are like thorns. They are aggressive and hard headed. As you try to correct them or say something that they do not agree with they retaliate and you end up getting hurt in the end. They are so tricky that even when they are not seen by you they still find a way to hurt you. In the same way that thorns just stand there and people know it is dangerous to touch them it is the same way with this type of friends; you somehow know that you should not mess around them or you will get hurt. Also, they think that they are always right and always want to dictate everything to you. With them your opinion does not matter so it would not make sense you explain yourself to them because they will never listen as they are hard-headed and does not respect the opinions of others.

Then you have the "Shame old Lady." If you know this plant you would know that once you go too close or even touch it, it shuts up tight. It would then suggest that this type is not quick to take corrections. They do not like to be up front and definitely do not like to be admired. If one tries to speak to them they "wither away" just like the plant. They are shy and not outspoken. On the outside they look beautiful and brave but on the inside they are quite shy and love hiding away. They possess good qualities but these qualities are not seen.

Then there are the roses. Most people love roses and are always admiring them. These friends are warm, friendly and inviting. They offer support and you can feel a sense of calm and joy around them. When around these fine qualities, one can have a free spirit and a constant smile can be maintained. If you know this plant you would realize that there are some small thorns. To me this signifies their beauty and good qualities they get stepped on a lot. Their kindness and love is often taken for granted so they use these small projections as a form of defense mechanism to protect themselves from getting hurt. This type of friends has a lot of good things to offer but do not like to be taken for granted.

I suppose that most persons would want to be in the category of the rose and it is rather unfortunate that not everyone is. In life, not everything will be as expected; we will meet up on many different classes of people. It is up to us to choose our friends wisely so that in the end we do not regret our choices. It is also our duty to realize which category we are in and see if there are any necessary changes



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