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Friends Case

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Friend is a wonderful gift we received and we should treasured it. I know kaiting for ten years, i would said its really glad to know her. She lightened up my every single days. I wouldn't or dare to imagine days without her and how grateful she is my angel. When i am down, she will encourage and give me her best support. When i am happy, she will be happy too. Her feeling get ups and downs as i am. I really feel so fortuate to have such a wonderful friend like her.

Our friendship will keep to eternity and we promised we will!

Although sometimes we will argue and unknowingly end up in debating.

But importantly is that we care for each other. We know deep inside we want each other to be better and live the better.

We argue cause we care and wanted to give advice even it is not a favourable one but it is for their good.

We laugh all our way at the funny or even lame joke and chat all the topics and even share our secret. We likes to shop and often went out every weekend. We are confortable with each other accompany.

I wouldn't want to ask for anything more. She is the best gift i received in this world and i promised she is my best best best friends. And i am sure i will never get someone out there understand me more than i understand myself.

I would like to tell her "she is my all"! always.



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