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From an Effortless to Complex English Class

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Essay Preview: From an Effortless to Complex English Class

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My English class in an alternative high school was definitely easier compare to English in college. I feel I was not taught well enough in that class on English grammar and it was not challenging for me. As a result I definitely wasn't prepared when my first semester started. However, during this semester I notice the errors I was making in my writing, also learning new concepts, and using these new skills towards revision.

In the beginning of the semester I notice couple problems with my writing. One was writing in second person. For example, in my first paragraph I was using the word "you" instead of using a third person point of view. Also I had the same errors in my second paragraph assignment. Another problem I had was where to place commas. I always thought commas were supposed to be placed where I pause in a sentence. As well as where I feel one needed to be placed. Awkward sentences were also a problem in the semester. I would create awkward sentences, because I do not writing my thoughts out clearly on paper or using to many words to explain a point. But usually I'll notice it when I reread a sentence I wrote.

Although I had a few problems at the beginning of the semester, I learned many new concepts. I learned how to use transition words in my writing. I never thought there were words to help make a transition to other sentence smoothly. So, I know now how to use a transitions word to make my writing better. Another concept I learned about was apostrophes. I thought apostrophes were for only contraction to replace omitted word. But, it's also use to show ownership. So now I'm familiar with the use of apostrophes. Fragments and run-ons were another concept I learned. I learn how to look for the main subject, verb, and seeing if it was a complete thought. Also learn how to spot run-ons and correcting it.

After being taught new concept, I was able to improve my writing in revision part of the assignment. When I began to revise my paragraphs I notice mistakes that could be revised to make the paragraph better. For paragraph three it was description paragraph, I rewrote sentences and add transitions words. I revisited the Fine Art Center to get more details on the items and choose two more items to writing about. For my second revision, I did paragraph six. The visions I did were: I revisited the topic sentence, Capitalize title, rewrote sentences and add more details to make it sound better and clearly, also I fixed grammar errors and use transition words.

Finally my schooling in an alternative high school was not challenging and educational on grammar; as a result I struggled with putting my thoughts on paper in a manner that is coherent and correct. But I feel that my ability to write and express my ideas, thoughts and knowledge has grown stronger with this course. Therefore I do feel am ready for English 1010.



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