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Gaps of Service Quality in Bangladesh Leather Service Center

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Essay Preview: Gaps of Service Quality in Bangladesh Leather Service Center

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Gaps of service quality in Bangladesh Leather Service Center (BLSC)


Dr.Zakir Hossain Bhuiyan


Department of Marketing

University of Dhaka


Md. Amirul Islam

ID # 40916009






28th December, 2010

Date : December 28, 2010

To : Dr. Zakir Hossain Bhuyia


EMBA program

Department of marketing

University of Dhaka


Sub : Letter of Transmittal

This is to state that after a hard work, I am going to submit my term paper on "Gaps of service quality in Bangladesh Leather Service Center (BLSC)". I have tried my best despite the time constraint. I was a employee of this BLSC and from that experience I have tried to identified the service gaps and try to prescribe the remedy in this term paper.

I have enjoyed working on this report. Especially the given class lecture on the subject helped a lot and made the work easier. After analyzing in the relevant field, I am submitting this report for your kind consideration and thanking you for your constant assistance and guidance. We will be available for any clarification of this report, whenever necessary.

I hope and pray that you would be kind enough to appreciate my hard work. I am very grateful to you because of assigning me this term paper.

Thanking You,


Md. Amirul Islam

ID # 40916009


The bottom line objective of BLSC project was to gear up the overall export of Bangladesh leather sector. It was funded by Italian government through ITC-Geneva and being jointly implemented by ITC-Geneva, Leather Sector Business Promotion Council, LSBPC & Bangladesh College of Leather & Engineering Technology, BCLET.

Components of BLSC:

BLSC was conceptualized in compliance with the request of the Ministry of Commerce and the Stakeholders of the leather sector back in 2004. In order to formalize the operational matter, a MoU between LSBPC & BCLET was signed in September 2005. This Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA) Project was launched in March 2006 for three years and its components are-

BLSC has been planned to set benchmarks for the whole leather sector industries especially for export of footwear & leather goods with respect to all possible areas of quality aspects, technical operation, Compliance with international requirements in leather trade.

Accomplishment till date:

* BLSC has duly completed the required activities to develop an accredited laboratory (Chemical and Mechanical) in the premises of BCLET.

* The lab of BCLET has been accredited by National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, NABL-India, a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, ILAC to comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Benefits of Accreditation for industry

* The accreditation permits the BCLET laboratories to be internationally recognized under ILAC arrangement and is, therefore, eligible to issue certificate locally.

* The enterprises would be eligible to comply with the technical regulation and standard of international buyers.

* Save time and money of the enterprises in certification.

* Overall export of leather sector would, therefore, be logically geared up.

List of provided services (Chemical and Mechanical Tests) in BLSC/BCLET:


SL Name of The Tests Machine

1 Determination of Percentage of Chromic Oxide of Leather Volumetric Analysis

2 Determination of pH Value of leather pH Meter

3 Determination of Moisture Content of leather Moistures Meter

4 Determination of Fat Content of leather Fat Extractor

5 Determination of Lead Content of leather/pigment Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

6 Determination of Total Chromium of leather/pigment Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

7 Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in tannery waste liquor BOD Incubator

8 Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in tannery waste liquor COD Analyzer

9 Determination of Perspiration Resistance of Upper Leather Perspirometer

10 Determination of Color Fastness to Circular Rubbing of Upper Leather Rub fastness



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