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Gen 200 - Personal Responsibility

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Essay Preview: Gen 200 - Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

Jonielle Sablan


July 2, 2012

David Wynne

Personal Responsibility

It is the small decisions made everyday which dictate what tomorrow has to offer. The decision to acquire a college degree is also the decision to accept personal responsibility. Everyone may have their own definition and it is applied in very different ways in order to achieve success. While management of time and stress will be the two biggest hurdles to overcome, combining and implementing values with goals and personal responsibility is essential in order to follow through with commitments, understand deficits, and explore ways to improve goal planning in order to achieve college success.

Personal responsibility is an individual's "response-ability," defined that is, the ability of a person to maturely respond to various challenges and circumstances that life presents and to accept consequences, both negative and positive. As an adult, there are several roles, functions, and responsibilities such as a parent, an employer or employee, a spouse, a student, in general as a citizen. It is inevitable that one will face relationship issues and other problems. Individual strengths, emotions, and character may be challenged or tested from time to time. As a responsible individual, one should be able to distinguish between what is right or wrong, good or bad, and be able to maintain control in order to accomplish aspired dreams and goals.

With today's economy, in order to secure a job or career it is essential to have a college degree. Life happens to everyone and sometimes prevents or hinders the accomplishment of a college degree. Most reach a point in their life where the importance of continuing an education and understand exactly what it will take to get there. Juggling multiple roles and responsibilities of working full-time, being parent, one becomes more involved with their education because of their investment into accomplishing their goals. Despite outside influences that can prevent success, personal responsibility involves being accountable for actions and decisions, and to do what it takes to maintain control of a desired career path.

A plans needs to be established and followed through with along with defining goals in order to achieve success. The plan is to attain a Bachelors degree followed by a Masters. In order to achieve this goal one has to first take charge of their life by taking responsibility for their choices and actions that follow in order to maintain control of their destiny. Learning various strategies to improve self-management to cope with stress and time management and



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