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Personal Responsibility

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Personal responsibility is the act of accepting the choices you have made in life, what you believe or think, and knowing you cannot blame other for the choices you have made.

Accepting personal responsibility is sometimes the hardest thing we can during our short time on this planet. Everyone looks to put the blame on others or the situation when things go wrong. Then again, they are more than willing to accept the accolades when something goes positive for them. In life, you have to understand that you are ultimately responsible for your actions and decisions. There isn't a puppeteer out there controlling your every move, and there isn't a little boy sitting in his room playing out your every move like it was a video game. A wise man named Sir Isaac Newton once said, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The 3rd law was thought up by Newton for the purpose of its practical uses in physics. However, this same famous quote can be used in life for every day decisions and behavior. If you make Decision A, it will likely lead to path and Result B. The moment you choose to accept responsibility for your own actions is the moment you can start moving forward in life. You have to let go of anger, fear, blame, mistrust and insecurity. Learn to take risks and to become vulnerable to change and growth in your life. Realize you are the party in charge of the direction your life takes.

Personal responsibility is vital to maintaining a proper balance with school work and time off. The individual must realize it is their sole responsibility to ensure they take the proper time to study and prepare for exams. If you are out partying and carrying on with friends and not hitting the books like you should be. There is not one else to blame but yourself. Success in college is a lot different than success in high school. You are most likely no longer living with mom and dad, and are on your own. With that being said, there isn't someone to come and make sure your up and ready for class. There won't be someone checking in on your studying or school work to make sure your getting it done. You are all alone and therefore responsible for what happens with your education.

In every successful venture in life there should always be a solid plan behind it. Since there is no one to help you but yourself, make sure you implement a good structured idea of how you will take advantage of the opportunity afforded you. Remember that not ev...

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