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Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

David Sardisco


October-Monday 3rd, 2011

Trymiah Miller

Personal Responsibility

In order to success at life, and to achieve our goals, personal responsibility is something we need in order to accomplish this. Personal responsibility, to me, is caring for my growing family and going back to school to in order to provide a better life for my family, a life I was not given. Going back to college and being successful at that is very important to me, because my family counts on me. They rely on me to provide for them, to nurture them, and to be an example to them.

Juggling college, a career, and a family can be extremely stressful at times. There is not very much time in the day to work full time, spend time with my family, and go back to school. In order to be successful at all these things it takes a great deal of responsibility. I have to achieve the mind set of how important my career, family, and school are and set a schedule to give myself ample time to spend on all these things. I believe that going back to school can force me into taking the responsibility to be successful in college and give me the focus to set goals for my future.

To achieve my goals I have to take the responsibility to set a schedule to allot time for work, school, and my home life. I work hard in my career to provide for my family and make sure my bills are paid on time and everyone is happy and healthy. When I come home from work, I spend time with my family and then it's time for school work. If I manage my time wisely, and keep motivated to do so, my long term goals will become reality. My family is always there to help me, and motivate me so that I stay on top of things. This keeps my life balanced.

Personal responsibility is something that keeps me motivated. If all three aspects of my life are in balance, I can see myself becoming and staying successful. Through work, school and family, I can achieve my goals and keep everything in my...



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