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Gen 201 - Critical Thinking and Ethic Paper

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Essay Preview: Gen 201 - Critical Thinking and Ethic Paper

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Critical Thinking and Ethics Paper

Laheshia Hardy

Gen 201

May 9, 2016

Professor Christopher Mott

Critical Thinking and Ethics

During our life individuals finds themselves unable to make clear decision on situation. We find ourselves stuck in making decisions when we read or hear new information. Critical thinking is process to evaluate and analyze an issue or situation in order to form an opinion or judgment.

        Critical thinking process has six levels which are: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and finally creating. The first level is remembering which the process calls for us to remember or recall the information are facts that we have just read or heard. The second one understands which is how we process the information. The third level is applying the information which is used in new ideas or situations. The fourth level is analyzing this is where we broke down into parts to better understand what is going on. The fifth level is evaluating whereas we have to take everything in consideration based on what we had gather. The last level is creating; this is the process to form new ideas of what is being done.

        While completing the Ethical Lens Inventory, I had to describe myself that fix’s the question. Some question that I answer appeared to be the same for me. My blind spot summary stated that I’m “sometimes fail to be accountable to those who are depending on me when I exercise my free will.” I listen to my sensibility to determine the greatest good for individuals. I can agree with this because I am always trying to please other than working on myself. I want each individual to seek their ideal goals in life.

In decision making I try to make the most logical decision that will help everybody in the situation including myself. I have always been an individual who tries to please everyone but I know so things I make decision don’t make everyone happy. As an explanation of how my personal ethics influences my decision making I tries to put everyone thoughts together before I make the finally decision and based it on the values.

Ethics apply to professional and societal responsibilities in how we govern ourselves and our surroundings. In our professional point an individual must have the standard of conduct which, requires and open-mindedness and respect for other individuals. In the professional world we must have that open-mindedness to succeed in the work force. A societal responsibility is to have the open-mindedness that all individuals are different. We must respect each other cultural diversity.  According to (Cerbert, Patrick, &Cragnolini, 2011) “In order for a community to thrive, them within the community must be able to recognize and accept cultural diversity” (pp.5-6). Everyone expresses themselves different therefore; we all must stick with our values and beliefs and keep an open-mind that your opinions might not be my opinions.



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