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Genius Case

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forever tonight we will go to the store and see what happen if we xan not happily go there than I will tell you why we can I am tierd of not singing and dancing for you you are a new friend of mine can we by a cat and a dog for better times and friends ships why lets go to mexico where I can by candy and movies wher ert you ae my best friend you are the best people lets dance why not you cant stop me for ever thinking join us for fun and dancing why cant you just take a friend out I hate singing without music you are delicate flower lets party and sing tonight for a long time you cant be this foolish to think you are nice why not you ar feeling kinda dumn today dont you think well tlylets see how far you have me me me me me the cat is in the hat and the mat and the sat and the fat and you are the funky dunkin well lets see how far you will go tommorow only you can see well let me know how far you really can go I said it and I mean it oh well stop he pressure you can get it in forever well not forever just for ten minutes lets sang and dance you are the best you are are are the cats dogs and brothers friends well behave and keep yourself jumping tonite why not text whu in dulge us for fun times well lets see what happens when you dance all night lets add papers and do the hootchie whell why not do you and follow me why not sing and dance for all of us to see,



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