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Germany Nazi

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Prejudice was the main factor that led to the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with race. If you were to read his speeches or writings, you could see his beliefs in racial “purity” and superiority of the Germanic race. The Germanic race according to Adolf Hitler was called an Aryan or master race. His idea of an Aryan was a tall blonde with blue eyes. According to Gordon Allports scale this would be the beginning stages of antilocution stage (Allport, 1954) because Adolf had a preconceived judgment of what people should be.

Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933 bring an end to German democracy. During this time Hitler began forcing organizations and state governments and putting them in line with the Nazi goals, which was to create an Aryan race. Hitler believed that this was the only pure and tolerable race. He also blamed the Jewish race for Germany’s problems. If you were a Jew, most Germans avoided you. My grandma grew up in East Germany during this time, and she remembers seeing the soldiers walking up and down her street. She remembers kids telling her she couldn’t play with certain kids because they were Jewish. This example would prove Allports theory of avoidance, she never really understood why the other kids wouldn’t play with the Jewish kids, but this didn’t stop her from playing with them. This created a problem for her, because now the other kids would discriminate against her for just playing with the Jewish kids.

According to the census of June 1933, the Jewish population of Germany consisted of about 500,000 people. Jews represented less than one percent of Germany’s population. (JEWS IN PREWAR GERMANY) The storm trooper would stand in front of Jewish owned businesses throughout Germany to try and keep the German people out of the businesses. They would vandalize the establishments by putting the Star of David in black and yellow on the doors and windows, they would also write the word “Jude” which is Jew in German. Another example of Allports Theory of boycotting the business is Discrimination by trying to keep them out of local business and neighborhoods. This continued throughout much of the 30’s. Jews were rated as second class citizens and their rights were revoked. This was called the Nuremberg Laws. Jews were also prohibited from marrying or having sexual relations with anyone that is German or related by blood. This is called racial infamy and would be a criminal offense. Hitler not only targeted the Jews but also Gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled people. This type of exclusion would be part of Allports Theory, acts of discrimination.

Just like slavery in America, the Jews were not allowed to go to places like parks, and they were not able to hold government jobs. Jewish doctors were not allowed to see German patients. This happened over the next several years. Again this would prove Allport’s theory of acts of discrimination.




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