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Ku Klux Klan Vs. Neo-Nazis

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Essay Preview: Ku Klux Klan Vs. Neo-Nazis

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The Ku Klux Klan has been one of the most feared and hated racist groups in American since 1885. Neo-Nazism started in the late 1960's and has almost the same reputation as the Klan. Both of the groups have similar traits and I will be discussing in this paper.

The first generation of the Ku Klux Klan was started in 1866 in Tennessee, as a terrorist group by the veterans of the Civil War. Their first man objective was to stop African Americans from voting. They dressed themselves in white sheets, covered their faces with white pointed hats and acted like the spirits of their fellow dead Confederate allies returning from the battlefield. In other words, looking like ghosts. As the Klan grow stronger, they started the imply fear into the innocent African Americans by whippings, lynchings and killing them for just for personal beliefs and fun.

Neo-Nazism was started to restore the Nazi order or to establish a new order based on doctrines similar to those underlying Nazi Germany. They are referred to as "Skinheads" and today, Skinheads are active in over 33 countries and are especially strong in countries with high rates of immigration and unemployment. The age group for this racist group are from the ages of 13-28. Most people know about skinheads for the movie "American History X". The Neo-Nazis or "Skinheads" are best known for the way they dress and appear. They have shaved heads, wear combat boots and have a lot of racist tattoo's on their body's'.

One of the most mutual things both of the groups have in common is their hatred for the African Americans. Though both groups hate basically anything that is not white. They hate Africans Americans more then Jews, homosexuals, Hispanic , etcetera. They hate them because they believe in "preserving" the white race. In their opinion the white race is the most superior of them all. Pure blooded so to speak. So they want to exterminate them, so that their race is the only lineage that will carry on in the future generations. Both groups have been classifying the African Americans as inferior since the groups were started and will continue to do so.

Both the KKK and the Neo-Nazis use fear to intimidate their enemies. They burn crosses, beat them, and do just about anything to get their point across to their victims. In other words, these acts they commit are called "Hate Crimes." A hate crime is the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability. Both groups use hate crimes to get the point their making across. The Ku Klux Klans main method of their intimidation is their white robes they wear and the Neo-Nazis use pure force to get their point across.

Finally, one of the most important thing both groups have in



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