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Gilbreth Case

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Besides enhancing efficiency of the workers, fatigue study also has strategic and

psychological values. Gilbreths performed a fatigue survey on first entering the factory, they

provided medication for the fatigue-producing activities and improved and replaced the

traditional skills with motion studies. Thus, with the value that has been given to workers with

better techniques and being taken care of, Gilbreths believed that motion study engineer and

scientific manager had more chance to be accepted by workers (Frank B. and Lillian M. Gilbreth,

Fatigue Study: The Elimination of Humanity's Greatest Waste; A First Step in Motion Study).

Overall, motion study aims to eliminate wasted motions which means wasted time and

energy. Fatigue study observes the causes of motions and other aspects (uncomfortable work

place, insufficient rest periods etc.) for unnecessary fatigue and develops strategies to eliminate

unnecessary fatigue with accurate measurement. As for the relations with scientific management

and fatigue study is that the fatigue study is a tool for enhancement of efficiency in a workplace

1. HP is a company that engaged with the concept of improvement of project management capabilities on a continually basis. The upper managers and project managers are working collaboratively with an objective of increasing project management knowledge and practices. The system operation in HP based on carrying out projects so success in projects is so important for the company. Managing the successful projects have become very important for company, because two third of the revenues now come from product the company introduced within past 2 years. As product life cycles reducing, the need for more new projects are increasing. Thus, the growth of the company depends on new projects that are innovative and comply with HP`s strategy. In the competition market, HP needs to develop and sustain project management to remain at the top.



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