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Give an Account for Marx Weber and Stephen Lukes's View of Power

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Essay Preview: Give an Account for Marx Weber and Stephen Lukes's View of Power

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Give an account for Marx Weber and Stephen Lukes's view of power:

Max Weber defines power with three different categories of authority. According to Weber there were three different sources of authority which are traditional authority, charismatic authority and rational-legal authority. Traditional authority is within the family and the culture that your family has established throughout the years. Charismatic authority is the great love and support that is felt toward a leader by the inferiors. The inferiors believe and think that the leader has outstanding qualities which inspire the great love and support. Rational-legal authority is power which is regulated through legal rules. Weber argued that rational-legal authority was displacing traditional authority in the modern world. To Weber power is to understand how you will get your own way, even when you strongly disagree with others.

Stephen Luke describes the three dimensional view of power which is one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional. One-dimensional focuses on the ability of individuals to make their own decisions in viewable conflicts. It is one-dimensional power when a person makes someone else do something because they possess power. Luke claims that this is a circumscribed view of power. Two-dimensional power is when groups and individuals with power can use it for their own advantage but also by limiting the choices that others may have. Luke calls the three-dimensional 'the manipulation of desires.' This does not mean that people are brainwashed, this means that our desires can be exploited in much more devious ways. When someone tries to brainwash or exploit you, you do not realize how much this affect you.

Stephen Luke was able to come up with a much wider definition than Weber proposed. Luke contends that 'A exercises power over B when A affects B in a manner contrary to B's interest.'

Look into the different kinds of power being expressed through the articles:

In the first article Espersen is forced to step down because of the public's interest and the opposing parties' opinions. This is an example of Luke's theory, one-dimensional. The conservative party, the parliament and the population forced Lene Espersen to step down as the leader of the conservative party. Lene Espersen said "I do not want a long and destructive war in the party about who is for and who is against Lene Espersen." She decided that it would be the best if she stepped down without a fight within the conservative party.

The public opinion is also being used in this article because the population don't want her to be the leader of conservative party anymore and the population has lost the respect for Lene Espersen. According to the article most of the opinion polls have seen the party drop from 10.4 % at the last election to 5 %. Weber's theory, charismatic authority is used in this article.

Weber's theory rational-legal author is used as well in the article. The population of Denmark appraise that the conservative party need a new leader as well as a new chairmanship because the conservative party has dropped from 10.5 % to just under 5 %. There was reason and sanity within Lene Espersen decision to step down as the leader of the conservative party.

In the second article the power of media is going against the politicians and in this article the media appears as the fourth power. 'Wikileaks is not a news organization, it is a cell of activists that is releasing information designed to embarrass people in power,' said George Packer. Packer designates that Wikileaks are spilling documents which are threats to the politicians and people who possesses power; though Packer also says that Wikileaks is an organization which is limiting the choices that these people may have after they have been humiliated publicly. This is an example of Luke's theory, it is two-dimensional.

Wikileaks is changing the way that information is being released and consumed therefore the people doesn't know whether it



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