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Global Manufacture of Plastics

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Essay Preview: Global Manufacture of Plastics

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1

Tom Wieczorek

April 26, 2015


University of Phoenix

Riordan Manufacturing is a global manufacture of plastics ranging from Bottles to heart stents. The company employs 550 people all working to further development of their product. The company itself projects approximately $46 million annually. The company has established plants on many states here in the United States, as well having facility’s in China producing their product the company has a major research and development center located in California.

The COO of the company has issued a service request for our company to analyze your Human resources department with the hopes of bringing a more state-of-the art technology to the disposal of all plants. This request labeled SR-rm-022 will take all forms of the HR and bring it in to one single intergraded application which will be the standard for all locations. The current Human Resources information system was implemented in 1992 which is 22 years old, and it is the hopes from Riordan Manufacturing that with today’s systems it will not only increase the productivity of the HR department but as well streamline it as well.

The expected results as laid out in the service request SR-rm-022 has explicit instructions on the time line of this task, and must be completed within six months so the system can be utilized in the second Quarter of the upcoming year. So we are to define the business requirements of this development and support the objectives of the request.

Key Stake holders:

The most useful and important area to factor in is of course the key stakeholders that will be effected, as well as sponsorship from senior leadership throughout this task. This is necessary for the successful implementation of any and all IT projects. With all aspects of the department focused on the value this system can afford them as well as being completely informed of any changes as well as new producers that will be available to the department.

The main areas of requirements will obtained from are the corporate division, as well as the Hiring, Training, Recruitment, and Payroll department. The main reason for involving these departments with corporate division is to find out the wants and needs of the HR department so we can better serve Riordan Manufacturing as a whole. This intern will allow us as a developing branch to customize, or fit one of our current applications to best suit the request.

Information Gathering:

This will be a three part task form which the needs and requests will be formulated. Upon receiving the information back we will start to build a model around the information best suited for the company.



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