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Global Organizations Comparison Sheet

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Fill in the chart as it pertains to each type of organization. International governmental organizations (IGO) Non-governmental organizations (NGO) Multinational corporations (MNC)

What is it? An agency set up by two or more state governments to carry out projects and plans in common interest. Is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any government

A corporation that has its facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country.

What is its purpose? Some IGOs developed to fulfill a need for a neutral forum for debate or negotiation to resolve disputes. Others developed to carry out mutual interests in a unified form. Advocacy-based- To influence the policy-making of different countries' governments regarding certain issues or promote the awareness of a certain issue. Operational- to foster the community based organizations within each country via different projects and operations. The MNCs aid in the transfer of resources from the host country to the country of its operations which includes technical expertise, equipment, managerial and marketing skills, among others.

How does it function? Providing states with a forum which they can use to negotiate conflicts NGOs are typically value-based organizations which depend, in whole or in part, on charitable donations and voluntary service With a headquarters that is based in one country, while other facilities are based in locations in other countries. Operates under a coherent system of decision- making and common strategy.

Who manages it?

The primary target audience/clients are: United Nation Non- profit organization



To create one customer culture, so that people around the globe purchase identical basket of goods

Benefits to:

- management

- members

- nations

- citizens -Economic rewards

-Political influence


-Improve democracy and the likelihood of democratic survival: It has been noted that member countries experience a greater degree of democracy and those democracies survive longer. 1) It says nothing about the purpose of the organization, only what



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