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Globalization Case

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Globalization, in short, is that 'the people are no longer bound by territorial restrictions any more, getting the world closer' (Kulkarni, 2011). With the development of technology, there are always transports or communication tools can be used to connect with others wherever we are. This improves culture, economy, policy and even society problem to be global because of convenient exchanges and cooperation. This essay will talk about the effects of globalization to country and society.

One of the most positive effects is for economy. We can see that there are more foreign industries are built. More companies choose developing countries to open market. 'A lot of companies have directly invested in India, by starting production units in India, but what we also need to see is the amount of investment that flows into the developing countries, according to Kulkarni's words (2011), and he also states 'this is also one of the positive effects of globalization in US and other developed countries as developing countries give them a good investment proposition'.

On the other hand, globalization brings problem as well. As Hasham said, 'powerful countries and individuals nowadays have political control over the whole world, not only their country. The United States is an example of a country that influences the whole of the world politics' (2009). Consequently , this not only makes influence on powerful and weak countries, but also bring destabilizing factors on whole society.

To sum up, we see the negative effects of globalization, but still realize it is essential to be global for developing.


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