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Globalization Case

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Globalization (outline)

Research question: Although somewhat harmful/helpful, globalization is mostly positive/ beneficial or negative/detrimental.

Thesis statement: Globalization is helpful for world development, so globalization is indeed positive, it good for global trade, communication (tourist), rapid develop of three world countries' science and medical, and global finical.

Part A. The definition of Globalization. (What is Globalization?) (Book "Globalization".page14-23)

(Globalization is a definition which was given by human to explain a process or a appearance which embodies during development of human society. With development of human society, increasing interconnectedness of the whole world, correlation dependence on economy during the foreign trade, also there are more and more international corporation are been opened day after day. Globalization is changing our life even our world from many ways when we are not realizing. Maybe we don't pay attention on it, in fact over hundreds year age human began to do something such as early agriculture slashed and bummed their way across the landscape, as we know those are some activity of globalization. But globalization was become well-known after the meeting which was held in Bretton Woods, 1944. The meeting created the IMF, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and make the rules for international trade we call it Bretton Woods System (Rifkin page 171). )

Part B (1) How G work on global trade? (Spiritual....and Poverty.....)(page 170)/(page 176-177)(G 24)(a first set of claims posits that g has transformed the nature of .......)(abstract as it may be, g can be said to encompass......)

(2) How G work on global communication. ("Pew Global".)(the survey finds broad acceptance of the increasing interconnectedness.....)

(3).How G works on helping develop country. ("If rich....".)(rising consumption has helped meet basic needs and create job...)

(4) How G effect on finance. (G 30)(In addition, moderate assessments of the.....) (5)Some negative of G. "Deadly....and If poor.....Globalization Foes" (but there are troubling indicators here as well.....)

Part C Future of G, what will G becomes and what problem have to face to on the way of G develop. (If rich...)(Rather than contributing to global and third-world....)



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