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Go Long Board

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Go Long board

Do you ever felt stressed, out of shape, with nothing to do for hours and want to do an activity or an outdoor sport? If you're having those thoughts, then you should try longboarding. Longboarding is a great outdoor sport to do. A longboard can be used in different ways: you can go downhill and do tricks; you can go down a hill and catch as much speed as you can or you can use it as a traveling device. Longboards are measured approximately from 84 to 150 centimeters long while the width varies from 22.8 to 25.4 centimeters.

There are different types of longboard. The cruiser boards are used to travel from one point to another. These boards are easier to paddle and go to very far places with one pulse. The mini boards are type of longboard that is used for sliding and they are the smaller of the boards and are easier to carry, but they are the most unstable and it has limited uses. Another type of longboard that I can mention are the speed boards. The speed boards are the most common ones and they are used to go at high speeds, like its name says, down a hill and try to maintain balance. These types of boards are used for competitions and races.

In another hand, the longboard is a very complete sport because it consists to use all the parts of your body. In one hand, you have to use your feet and legs to maintain stability in the board, your body and arms to have balance in the board so you won't fall down, and your brain to know what are you doing or what are you going to do. It is a complete all around sport that when you finish for the day you can really feel the difference in your body and you feel exhausted and tired for all the work that you've done.

Some people consider this sport as a way of life. People can wake up, do their chores and go straight up a hill and start skating because they love it and want to get better every day. Although, even if is a fun and a very complete sport, this sport is a little dangerous so you have to have certain protections and equipment so you don't get seriously injured like helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, and even in serious cases you may want to use a special kind of gloves used for skateboarding called sliding gloves. If you don't get those protections, you can get a severe head trauma or a broken bone.

In conclusion, the longboard is a very fun outdoor sport to do, but you need to be careful. This sport can be a very great way for meeting new people and to do something different for what you do every day. This sport should be handled with care and use the proper protection so you won't get seriously injured. Knowing this, go and give it a shot and you will understand the freedom and liberation that you feel when you are traveling or finishing the hill.



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