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Board of Ed Job Essay

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Many students within the grade levels of kindergarten through second grade struggle with reading skills and development. There are some students within these levels, but most students have a difficult time going beyond the natural level. Take a classroom in Public School 123 for example. It is the first month of the school year and 20% of the students are above the grade level, 50% are on grade level and 30% are below grade level. In addition to these statistics, 33% of the students within the particular class are kids with special needs. This is a very difficult and strong concern that has been prevalent and I have provided an alternative as to how to address this issue. My tactics are to get the students that are below grade level to grade level & to get the 50% of people on grade level to above grade level within the areas of reading and writing.

There's a reason as to why this is a much needed issue & why I chose to address it. This is because more than half the students of the class are either just meeting class expectations or are below expectations and a third of the class of kids has special needs and we as teacher must get kids to reach their highest potential. In my case, I must get the kids to reach the best of their potential by maximizing that potential in the literary arts through basic teachings of the alphabet, grammitical punctuation and verbal/oral usage. Some of the strategies that can be taken with the grade levels of kindergarten through second grade includes breaking down which teacher can work best with each group of students. For example, if the three teachers including myself had a classroom of 18 children, we would assign ourselves to kids that we work with best. I would assign myself to the kids with the special needs, which would be about 6 of them, because of my qualifications of working with kids with special needs. Another teacher would work well with the kids that are on grade level and all of the teachers will work interchangeably and cooperatively with the half of the class that are below standards since they are the ones with the most need. All three teachers will teach the basic alphabet for the first 2 months (September & October), the grammatical punctuations for the next 2 months (November & December), then verbal/oral speech for next 2 months (January & February). As the teachers, we would work on having the students understand basic concepts of reading and writing by the first half of the year so that the second half could be spent on the specific practices. For the remaining months (March, April, May and June), the teachers will continue to practice these lessons through daily activities, current events & quizzes. If a quarter of the students had fallen below the goal by February, we would continue to work with the students that made it under that standard goal with daily activities, yet have one of the three teachers continue to work specifically with those students



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