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Good Corporate Citizenship and Political Competence

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Essay Preview: Good Corporate Citizenship and Political Competence

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Wendy Alonso


Healthcare Policy

DB #5


Political competence represents an element of good corporate citizenship. Not only that, but also represents being politically intelligent and experienced, and being able to act in a responsible and accountable manner after being publicly aware of current issues in the community. One part of being a good corporate citizen demands the skill of political competence, which is then flavored with ethical responsible and accountability (Longest, 2002). An individual or a member of an organization can act as good corporate citizenship. He or she believes that the country will gain from constructive ideas that people can combined aside from the constant government's effort. There is a very important part of corporate citizenship which is discovering the correct proportions to create the right environment for the upcoming changes.


Political competence is composed not only of political awareness but also knowledge. This can be achieved through displaying skills such as: analyzing public policy environments, organizing designs for environmental analysis, and forecasting changes in strategic public policy issues. Both political competence and good corporate citizenship move in the same directions, and that is to find and satisfy the needs and demands of others. Large organizations integrate corporate citizenship in their mission statement since they believe this is very important. At the end, political competence goes from a foundation to a huge structure that brings together respect and trust.

The heart of good corporate citizenship is based not only on trust and integrity, but also on open and honest communication. Engaging open dialogue with the public is what defines good corporate citizenship. Political competence is necessary to attain this goal of good corporate citizenship. (Corporate Citizenship Trends)

In order to be a good corporate citizen, you need to be political competent and visa versa.


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