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Government Case

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Principles of constitution

* Popular sovereignty

* Federalism

* Sep. of powers

* Checks and balances

* Judicial review

* Limited government

Events that led to colonies declaring independence

1. The war with France left the British gov. in debt and expected the colonist to help repay the debt.

2. The king and his ministers levied takes on the tea, sugar, glass, paper, and other products (Stamp Act)

3. In 1765 nine colonies sent delegates to a meeting in new York called the Stamp Act congress. This was the first meeting organized by the colonies to protest against King George's actions.

4. On April 19, 1775 the british red coats clashed with the colonial minute men at Lexington and concord in Massachusetts, this battle was known as the "the shot heard around the world".

5. Boston Tea Party.

Articles of confederation


* Congress had no power to levy taxes.

* Congress could not force anyone to obey the laws that it passed.

* Congress had no power to regulate trade.

* Central gov. had no executive branch.

* Government had no national court system.

* Laws need approval of 9 of the 13 states to pass.

* Amending articles required consent of all states


* Established fair policy for developing western lands.

* Forged a peace treaty with Great Britain

* Set up departments of foreign affairs, war, marine, and treasury.


* Quarreling began over boundary lines and tariffs paid to other states and states began to trading directly with foreign nations.

* The government owed huge debts to other nations and to soldiers who fought in the revolution, yet had no power to raise money from the states.

Structure of the constitution

* Preamble

- sets forth the goals of the government.

* Articles

- The main divisions in the body of the constitution covered by a general topic:

Article 1- legislative branch

Article 2- Executive branch

Article 3- Judicial branch

Article 4- state relations to one another and the national gov.

Article 5- states revelations to one another and the national gov.



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