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Graphic Novels - Promoting Violence?

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Essay Preview: Graphic Novels - Promoting Violence?

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Graphic Novels- promoting violence?

Many people view graphic novels as a genre which it is not as it is a format. Of that large format only a certain percentage is violent or sexual. It is unfair to label a whole format as inappropriate. Some of those graphic novels that are violent are set during a World War II. 'Maus' written by Art Spiegelman whose father was a Polish Jew as "a survivor's tale". It tackled and educated about the holocaust winning over 11 awards.

Graphic novels can increase interest in reading for a younger generation it also combines two types of arts together visual and written. It should be up a parent to decide if they find the novel is appropriate and if they are comfortable allowing them to read it.

I believe that it depends on the person reading as most of the teens as well as adult enjoy reading this type of action because it allows them to see a different world. A large number of graphic novels are under the genre supernatural or science-fiction meaning they are not based of real life nor are the creatures, weapons, powers or many other aspects for them to picture it to parallel their own personal life.

Immensely small percentages if any of these teens and adults will then go out and perform any of the action they have read and even if they did it would have not been because they were inspired by a novel but because they were mentally ill. Therefore I find that it is unfair for it is fair for it to be placed the blame for someone's behaviour above maybe their bad upbringing or mental state.



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