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Greece Art History

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Lady of Auxerre (650-625 BCE) made of limestone and Konros (600 BCE) was made of Marble were among the first sculptures during the Archaic period. These depict the Daedalus style which is characterized by geometric patterns. Then there was Kroisos, from Anavysos, Greece (530 BCE) was made of marble. Around a hundred years later, sculptures as depicted in this one, were becoming more and more realistic in manner of copying human physical features. This became even more evident with Kritlos Boy, from the Acropolis, Athens, Greece (480 BCE) which was made of marble as well. The natural stance of a human being was first captured and evident in this sculpture. It was noticeable that the archaic characteristics such as the smile in the sculpture were not seen anymore. This was further developed in the sculpture Warrior from Italy (450 BCE) where the human body was more defined such as the contrapposto compared to previous sculptures.

The trend is basically from angular and geometric styles in representing the human body to becoming curvy and realistic in terms of making sculptures of the human body from the earliest Archaic period until the Classical period. As we move on to understanding and recognizing the trend, we look at Zeus from the sea off Cape Artemision, Greec (460 BCE) which was made of bronze. The stance of the sculpture was not just a simple one but was in a pose that varied than the previous ones because of the position of the arms especially with one arm aiming in the air with a thunderbolt. This is similar to the sculpture entitled Myron which was made of marble. This sculpture on the other hand represented an athlete about to throw a discus.

Through these sculptures, we are also able to understand that the development of art and sculpture was developed through time, practice and improvement of techniques, styles and interpretations. Moreover, subjects for these pieces seemed to have been inspired by different human activities that have evolved amongst humanity as well.



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