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Why I Took Art History and How It Will Affect My Life

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Essay Preview: Why I Took Art History and How It Will Affect My Life

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Why I Took Art History and How It Will Affect My Life

By: Yasmine

The reason I chose to take art history is because it was in the selection of electives that I had to choose from for my major. My major is Associates in Nursing. I chose art history out of the elective choices, because it seemed to be more related to my major than the others. I always thought that art was boring, I thought that it was a boring subject in high school. In elementary school it was fun, because we did a lot of hands on work. But in high school we didn't do many hands on so it was boring to me. Art includes different people, colors, shapes, and sizes and much more. I think that art will affect my life in general in many different ways. When this class is over I know that I will look at art in a totally different way than I do now. Seeing Pearl and his work of art makes me like art more now than ever. Pearl's work lets me know that I was loving art all along but didn't see those things as art. I love neat things, Pearl's work for example is very neat. So now that I'm starting to look at art differently it has already had an affect on my life. Art History will affect my studies by showing me what art actually is. It will also teach me things about art that can relate to my curriculum and any job that I may get related to my curriculum. I'm hoping that this class will show and teach me more things about art than what I already know that may help my studies in a positive way. Art History will affect my professional life by teaching me things that will help me with the job I get when I finish my current studies. From what Ms. Tallon told us in class, art is in our everyday lives. I never saw art in that way. So when I finish this class I should be able to see art in my everyday routines, and everyday life period. Art History is more interesting than I thought it would be. I love Pearl's work and the famous paintings that we have discussed so far. I'm hoping that it will get even more interesting and enjoyable. Art seems like it's sort of a meditation method. It seems to be relaxing, soothing, and able to relieve some stress. After completing Art History I should have a stronger mind when it comes to art. I should be able to see anything related to art and say, "Now that's art!" I should be able to point things out as art that I didn't think was art before. I wish that I had art talent, or maybe I do have art talent and don't realize it. But I do realize other's art talent. One of my uncles have great art talent, he can draw anything he wants and anything that you ask him to draw. As we all can see that Pearl Fryar has great art talent also, his art talent is in landscaping. Some people's art talent is painting. I know that there are many different talents that can be called art. Some call



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