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Group Assignment - Dream Destinations

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Essay Preview: Group Assignment - Dream Destinations

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Group Assignment- Dream Destinations

April 30


Group Jamaal Williams- Student ID: Justin John- Student ID: Dayne Thompson- Student ID: 00037327

Commercial and Industrial Information Systems - ITEC 140

Table of Contents

6.0 Strategy for locating and evaluating the various stakeholders 2

7.0 Ecommerce Strategy for the company 3

8.0 Analysis and recommendation of the company's Knowledge Management opportunities 4

Commercial and Industrial Information Systems - ITEC 140

Group Assignment

6.0 Strategy for locating and evaluating the various stakeholders

Stakeholders' evaluation in a case like this is very important. Normally it is a step process that needs to be implemented in a strategy for success in locating and evaluating stakeholders.

Step one includes choosing the relevant people needed. In general, people in the organization should be involved if they have information that cannot be gained otherwise, or if their participation is necessary to assure successful implementation of initiatives built on the strategy to evaluate and locate the shareholders. For instance the clerks who control the filing would have the information of the stakeholders stored on their note pads that were filed and this would be very useful.

When the relevant persons and information is chosen then step two is initiated. This is basic stakeholder analysis technique, where the stake holders are located and their interest evaluated. In the case of Dream Destinations, the stake holders could be judge on their input into the company, how often they used or recommended Dream Destination to others and so on. Once again this can be derived from the filing system stated. Also the stakeholder's future input is necessary to see what satisfies them and where they see the business going.

Step three incorporates the previous information with diagrams, where the stakeholders interest and power is compared to see how best they affect the company and where they stand. For example their interest in implementing the IT infrastructure as opposed to not based on what they think it would do to the organization and the influence they have on getting it done.

Then the interest and power analysis would lead to the planning and decision making segment hence creating a hierarchy and allow the stake holders to be categorized. This would assist the company by educating each stakeholder as to where they stand,



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