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Group Assignment

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I think the LVCVA uses a multisegment targeting strategy. They use different promotional appeals depending on the segment of the population they are trying to attract and they are trying to attract every age group. I think Vegas already has experienced some cannibalization with the introduction of the entertainment, conventions, multiple hotels the industry has not suffered, it has only enhanced. Yes, they use multi segment targeting. An example from the article is that they target median household incomes, available flights to Vegas, cost of advertising in those areas, and the propensity of the citizens gambling.

The LVCVA uses a multisegment targeting I would say. They see specific targets and follow the data to support it. There are certain groups of people that would go to Vegas and by locating these groups and what they value, the LVCVA is able to capitalize on groups that may have not thought of Vegas as a vacation opportunity. I dont think they should be concerned about cannibalization because different attractions would only benefit Las Vegas such as targeting people that would go to shows but that also would go for the gambling this only benefits Vegas' economy and could encourage repeat visits.

The LVCVA works to continually understand its customer base. They target each identifiable market segment and communicate with each segment in order to attract new and returning customers. They strive to always be on top of the trend in coth leisure and business travel. LVCVA understands how to target groups of people. They are very customer focused and relationship building. They have also gone international. They are very creative and listen to what people want.

I think the LVCVA is so successful because they are looking at multiple markets and what each is valuing in a trip to Vegas. What things are these people looking for in a vacation. They have looked at their data and realized where they can improve and that was in the Asian and African American markets.

heir attention to details of who they market to. They use a variety of strategies to target the market. From multisegment target strategy, to even repositioning itself in changing the customers perception of the two or three day stays to weeklong vacations travelers. They met with ethnic chambers of commerce and organizations to promote Las Vegas.

LVCVA understands its many diverse customers and communicates with them regularly.



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