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Gtl Teck Website Critique

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Essay Preview: Gtl Teck Website Critique

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GTL Teck Website Critique

When visiting the GTL Teck website located at (, it is very clear to see all the text on the page and some of the first things a person could notice about it, is simply that its user interface is absolutely beautiful. On your average website there is a nav menu also known as the Navigation menu, and in the case of GTL Teck there are actually two of them. Immediately after visiting the GTL Teck Home page you will notice a navigational menu at the top of the page just to the right of the company logo, and yet another on the far left side of the page, both of these menus are visible to users and have very big text sizes for elderly and such people who may need larger text. Overall the layout is fantastic as the site also has entire sections for logging into user accounts, managing personal data and reading up on the latest newsfeeds in the center of every page, and to make matters even better there is a section labeled 24/7 Live Chat Support which will allow the visitors to this site to speak to the experts directly through the website via Instant Messenger. No downloads are required to speak to the administrator on duty, due to the fact that it is all web Based.

When visitors are browsing through the different sections and pages of the website the menus will both change accordingly to highlight the section of which the visitors are directly looking at. Ex. By clicking on the Services page the menu item Services will become selected and the user will be presented with the services page from which they may browse through the many services which are offered by the company. The coloring system of the GTL Teck website was based off of the company's logo colors and it has seemed to work out quite well for the visitors, as they are able to see text and backgrounds quite easily and can tell the difference. The spacing between website content and menus and other components is sized at around 1.5 inches and does its job well enough for the users to know where articles are located and where they stop.

As for those whom chose ease of use rather than Eye Candy, the login and user interface system (GUI) is very effective and very simple to use on every page of the site, including personal information page and newsletter pages. Each user has total control over his / her account status and information in a very easy to navigate menu (GUI). The consistency of this system is also very predictable by its users. When someone clicks a link on the site they need only look at the name of the link to know exactly where the website will take them. When logging into the site users are given an individual Internet Cookie so that only their information will be visible to them. After logging in the users are presented with their account information and the login form will no longer allow them to login but will instead display their account name and a Logout Button



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