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Modest Proposal Critique Project

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Essay Preview: Modest Proposal Critique Project

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Modest Proposal Critique Project

After reading the Modest Proposal by Jonathan swift you can conclude that his proposal was not so modest. In his proposal swift ironically states an easy solution for the problems many people were facing in Ireland. The problems the people in Ireland faced were paying rent, finding sustenance, and being forced to beg for money or food in order to live. Swifts ironic solution to all these problems the people of Ireland faced was to eat the babies of age one. In my opinion if I was living in Ireland during this time I would not take this dramatic proposal, it is just not right would you? During his proposal he also mocked the rich because they did not care for the poor. His proposal was meant to end most of the problems they faced. Not only did he say the people should eat the babies, but he also stated that the young could be used for many other uses such as taking their skin to make gloves, boots and many other things

I think swifts modest came to him after seeing so many people live the way they did in Ireland. He would see females being followed by 4-6 of their kids begging for sustenance. After knowing that most of the kids when grown up turned into thieves or worked for their pretender in Spain who could care less about them he came up with the proposal of eating young to stop starvation and other problems they encountered. In my opinion I think he thought there wouldn't be as much of a difference if the people just ate the young since the rich devoured the life out of them either way. Also because once they grew up in a place like most of them would turn into criminal and just make their situation much worse.

In my opinion his proposal was also in a way meant to say that if nothing was to be done to fix their problems then in the end it would all come to this, eating the young. I think he was also mocking the rich by saying they could use the babies of the poor for their skin and food in order to make everyone see that the rich weren't doing much to solve the problems and that they were part of the problem. In result of this swift was trying to bring more attention onto the rich so they could start doing something to help the poor. Swift also enhances into the logical appeal by saying that people are naturally born inhuman and as savages to convince the readers with his proposal. Swift mocks the rich because they are the main cause of the problem for not helping the poor and for basically just leaving them out on their own as if they were wild animals that cannot be controlled.

Swifts stated that the proposal is a good solution to their problems. In my opinion I don't think his proposal should be taken for consideration. Yes, he says it would stop over population, starvation, and homeless problem, but at what cost, the life of the young. That would help their economy and help them live a better life, but would you ever kill your



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