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Haier Case

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Haier company produces a lot of popular products in the past, such as refrigerator, washing machine, air condition, color television, computer, mobile phone, digital products, kitchen appliance and water heater and more. Haier company strives for continuous creation, customer-oriented and perfect pursuing. It produced various products to satisfy different customer demands. Every customer can choose a suitable products from Haier company. There was only one refrigerator model in 1984, but it has more than 13000 models of product groups at present, it include white, black and cream color household appliances. Due to globalization and other factors there are so many families use Haier company's products in the world.

2. Price:

Pricing is one of the most important decision of marketing managers, if there is a mistake in pricing decision, it will lead to the failure of marketing mix and other activities. Haier company adapts demand orientation pricing method, it means the basis of pricing is the demand of target market customers. It also adapts discrimination price at the same time, uses value pricing in low-end market, it means sell high quality products and services is low price, not reduce the cost by produce low quality products. It usually adapts skimming pricing in high-end market, skimming pricing means the practice of raising a price for a product and marketing it to the market willing to pay the higher price. Market skimming pricing brings in less sales but ultimately more revenue per sale. Marketing skimming requires market research and strategy for a higher income demographic. Haier company uses the skimming pricing in the introduction stage in product life cycle, so the company can take back the investment as soon as possible before competitors create similar products, and obtain suitable profit at the same time. Due to Haier is an international company, it can sale good in foreign countries, the company may adjust the price when it sell in foreign markets, but the selling price in foreign countries cannot lower than home markets, it is used to prevent dumping products in foreign markets.



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