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Halal Track and Trace Slide Presentation

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Essay Preview: Halal Track and Trace Slide Presentation

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1. Evaluate the role of information system in your organization/work/life

a. Name one (1) system and briefly explain its role/functions; and

Halal Traceability and Tracking System Application

Halal Traceability and Tracking System are develop for Perbadanan Labuan Authority. Labuan is located at latitude 5 N and longitude 115E and lies approximately 8 km off the coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea adjacent to the Malaysia state of Sabah and the independent Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam.

Figure 1: Labuan location map

Perbadanan Labuan aspires to establish a sustainable Halal Distribution Hub that facilitates the trading, collection, distribution and supply of Halal products for the region. Therefore Perbadanan Labuan has allocated a land for the establishment of Labuan Halal Distribution Hub (LHDH). The LHDH complex will be the heart of Halal industries for Malaysia. This is also the first halal hub that introduce tracking and traceability in this regions.

The LHDH is created to facilitate the collection, distribution and supply of Halal food. Its main objective is to be a hub which Halal produce from the regions around Labuan is brought for storage, processing, certification and distribution to regional and global markets and vice versa. Facilities in LHDH include fish landing sites, seafood processing facilities, food processing factories, warehousing and cold room and ice making facilities, other supporting infrastructures and an administration and marketing office.

Core stakeholders identified in the development of the LHDH include:

 Perbadanan Labuan

 Government of Malaysia

 Hub Distribution Center

 Supplier of raw materials

 Manufacturers

 Logistic providers

 Importers and Exporters

 Other supporting agencies

On the other hand, Malaysia has realized that our Halal food manufacturers need to meet global demands for food safety and quality in the open market. Thus MS1500:2000-Halal Food: Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage - General Guidelines, developed by SIRIM, was revised based on input from JAKIM and the Research Institute of Standards in Islam. The new comprehensive Halal food standard MS1500:2004 incorporates guidelines defined in MS1514-General Principles of Food Hygiene, MS1480-Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, the guidelines for good hygiene and cleanliness practices for small and medium



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