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Presenting to Stakeholders

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The annual report shows the debt structure of R.E.C. Inc. The main idea is to show future creditors how the company handles debt, as well as how much deb the company currently carries. The report shows how well the firm uses the debt to turn it into profit. The debt structure allows creditors to see and make sure that the company has the potential to repay the debt as well as how the firm uses the financing. The report shows where the money comes from to repay and how well they manage working capital.

The report shows the company's performance over a certain time period. The report also gives an idea of how the company plans to use future growth to continue to move forward as well as continue to pay out to investors in the form of dividends. Looking over the past few years will give an idea of how well the company uses the capital as well as the long and short term debt. How much risk is involved is important to any future investor or creditor. This report will also show how the firm compares to other firms in the same industry.

The reports will be presented to present and future in investors. The ideas would be presented to those interested parties as well as to management. The ideas would be presented in a way that would show how the future long term debt would be used to expand and how the expansion would be used to continue growth in terms of dividends, sales, and ability to earn revenue. The strengths and weaknesses of the firm will be presented for ideas on how to improve in all areas that need attention as well as to expand on areas already performing well. The reports can be presented in a way that would let all involved see how the company can compare and stay competitive in the future.




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