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Oral Communications Persuasive Presentation: Policy

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Essay Preview: Oral Communications Persuasive Presentation: Policy

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Instructor: Vickrey

Oral Communications

Persuasive Presentation: Policy

You will give a persuasive speech on a question of policy. Your topic must be about a significant problem facing the city, the nation, or the world. Your speech must be 4-5 minutes in length In your speech; you should describe the problem and its cause. You should then propose a solution. Thus, your speech must be outlined in the Motivated Sequence format. Possible topics might be the teacher shortage in the valley, the water shortage in the valley, social security, drug addiction, the environment, and/or the war in Iraq. These are just a few possibilities. You can choose any topic you like, as long as it is a significant problem that warrants a solution. In presenting the problem, you are showing the need for change. You must then offer a specific plan--a policy--that will solve this need/problem. In proposing your policy, be as specific as possible. Also, make sure you address its practicality--is your policy/cause/solution doable and/or workable? Remember that a persuasive speech dealing with a question of policy should try to motivate the audience to take action in support of a policy is desirable, necessary, and practical.

Your instructor must approve your topic prior to your assigned presentation (speech) date.

You must have at least three (1) source. At least one of those sources must be a scholarly journal or scholarly book. Remember that you must verbally cite your sources during your speech. You must also turn in (with your typewritten Speech Outline) a typewritten bibliography that lists all your sources in APA format

You are required to use at least (1) visual aid for this speech. As noted in the syllabus, visual aids that are not in good taste, are unlawful (such as explosives, firearms, controlled substances), are disruptive (animals), or that violate university regulations or policy are forbidden. Any presentation using such visual aids will automatically receive the grade of "F" and be referred for disciplinary action as appropriate.

On your speech day you must turn in a typewritten Presentation Outline, which should follow the examples provided to you by your instructor. DO NOT READ A MANUSCRIPT! All graded speeches in this class will be an extemporaneous delivery requiring the use of prepared speaking note cards. Presentation (speech) days will be assigned in class.

If you do NOT turn in a complete Presentation Outline (with the bibliography) by the date assigned, you will lose up to 10 points from the final grade of your speech.

For every full 15 seconds that you go over or under the time requirement you will lose 5 points from your final speech grade (20 points maximum).



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