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Refraction Speech

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What is Refraction?...good morning Mrs Mowbray and fellow classmates. Today I'll be explaining the use and explanation for Refraction

Refraction is the bending or change in direction of light when it passes through a medium e.g. water/glass) to another medium (e.g. Air)

You see refraction every day. Windows, Glass, Water, Shower screen. The same glass that makes a window also makes a shower screen. Why can we see through a window but not a shower screen? This is because windows are smooth on each side, and light passes through them in a regular manner. A shower screen is patterned or crinkled on one side and light does not pass through it regularly. This refraction is said to be diffuse.

Objects like shower screens let light through but stop us from seeing through. They are said to be translucent. Windows let light through and lets us see through as well. They are said to be transparent. The opposite are objects that stop light. We cannot see through them. They are steel, cement and wood. They known as opaque (oh pake) materials.

An instrument that purposely refracts light is called a leno lenses found in cameras, magnifying glasses, microscopes. There are two main types, Converging lens. This lens causes the light to come to a point, in other words, like a focus and Diverging lens. This lens causes the light to spread out.

Life without Refraction might cause may changes to our eyes and other animals, and even the surroundings around us. If there was no refraction, the world wouldn't be as interesting and amusing as it is now.



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