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Winston Churchill Motivational Speech

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Essay Preview: Winston Churchill Motivational Speech

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Today, I stand before you, the good people of Great Britain, Not as your prime minister, but as your fellow Englishmen, your brother...

I stand before you at a time...when darkness has fallen over our homes... a time where terror has be stricken each, and every one of us...

A time... where the souls of our brave soldiers have been lost-... have been the enemy...the enemy whom we call...the Nazis.

We have lost Fathers, Brothers and sons. All of whom gave up their protect us...The British people.

We are in a time, where we stand alone...where there is no god above greater being, or guardian angel to protect us...

And because we stand alone... We must stand together, united as an empire...united as a family.

We are the British, the strongest to ever walk upon the face of the earth!

Have we ever given up a fight? NO!

Have we ever left our fellow soldiers to die in the scorched ground below us? Of course not!

Together we are unstoppable! Unbeatable!

I want each of you, to take a moment...close your eyes, and listen picture what i am going to say..

Imagine...Coming home from a long day at work... as you walk into your door, you expect to be greeted by your family...your wife, and your children...

But instead of running up to great you...your children lay there, on the cold floor.. around you, pale... and lifeless...

you look up, and you see someone... someone you've never seen before, holding your wife by the neck,

you hear her....screaming for you to help her, to save her from this distress.

Then all of a sudden... silence

you watch as your wife falls to the ground in front of you...

This man, this man responsible for this...begins to laugh... and walks right past you...


Today, my brothers....we cannot be that man. We cannot be the man to stand hopelessly around our fallen brothers, and watch as our family, the great people of this nation, are killed right in front of us...

we must rise, rise up, together! As the great people of England!




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