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Headquarters Case

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Research indicates that when they plan, beginning teachers write much more on paper than do veterans (Zahorik, 1991). Does this suggest that beginning teachers plan more effectively than veteran teachers? Explain.

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Veteran teachers tend to have more things internalized than beginning teachers. As a teacher, in the beginning I wrote down the standards for every lesson and even transitions. I felt better knowing that I could look up what I was going to do. As a more experienced teacher, I could tell you off of the top of my head what the objective and standards are that are being covered and I have my transitions rehearsed to the point that I could do them in my sleep. That's not to say I don't do lesson plans. They're just not as detailed as they were my first year teaching. For example, instead of writing out the entire standard, I use the numbers and letters, since I have them memorized now. I think beginning teachers write more so that it's there as a back-up, it provides security. Veteran teachers don't feel that it's as necessary.

This doesn't suggest that beginning teachers plan more effectively than veterans. The key to effective planning is clear teacher thinking. For beginning teachers, clarifying thinking often requires that the teachers write information on paper. For veterans, clear thinking doesn't require as much information in writing.



Classify the objective "to know what the term equivalent fraction means" into one of the cells of the taxonomy.

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I'd put it in cell A.1.

Knowing what the term equivalent fraction means would be best classified into the cell where "factual knowledge" intersects with "remember."



Explain why low-efficacy teachers are likely to spend less time on learning activities than high-efficacy teachers.

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A low-efficacy teacher spends less time because they do not believe every child will succeed, so why try?

Since high-efficacy teachers believe they're able to get all students--regardless of ability--to learn, and low-efficacy teachers don't believe they're able to get all students to learn, low-efficacy teachers are likely to expend less effort in their teaching. In addition, low-efficacy teachers may have more problems with classroom management.



Identify the single most important indicator of caring that exists. Use this indicator to explain why you are likely to react badly when an instructor arrives 15 minutes late to an appointment.

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The single most important indicator of caring that exists is the attention that the instructor is paying to teach.It fells like a lack of attention when an instructor arrives 15 minutes late to an appointment.

Time is the most important indicator of caring that exists. Everyone has 24 hours a day, so choosing to allocate some of the 24 hours to another person indicates that the other person is important. Similarly, an instructor arriving late to an appointment communicates that you're not important enough to be sure to be on time. You understand what the late arrival communicates, and you resent it.



Could a lesson be thematic if the teacher interjected unplanned or unrelated content or topics during instruction? Explain.

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Yes it could, because by doing that it would increase the attention of his students and would effect positively on their capacity of storaging information.

No, "thematic lessons" does not imply that teachers should avoid interjecting additional material into lessons. It does mean, however, that the teacher should be clear about how the additional material relates to the topic the students are studying.



Suppose some students in a classroom are rarely called on. Explain what is likely to happen with these students.

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They are rarely called on because probably they had been called on at a specific period of time and their response has been unsatisfying or has not been at all and their response has had no effect to the rest of the students so nobody would gain anything by them being called on.

Students who are rarely called on are likely to become less involved in lessons, and gradually they stop paying attention to what is going on. In time, they begin to feel less welcome in the class, and may even come to



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