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Health Care Case Study; Financial Statements

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Essay Preview: Health Care Case Study; Financial Statements

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Health care case study: Financial statements

This paper is on the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, we will be reviewing their financial statements, as well as the difference of audited and unaudited statements. There are other things that will be reviewed as well such as the relationship between revenue sources and expenses. As well as what effects the revenue has had on the hospital. This paper will also examine how the hospitals revenues and expenses are grouped for planning and control.

Audited and unaudited differences:

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital balance sheets for the years of "2008 and 2009 show a difference of $1,000,000 from the patient accounts that were received" (Patton-Fuller). According to the 2009 unaudited report there was $59,787,000 as for the audited report there was $58,787,000. "This shows us the $1,000,000 difference that we seen in the patient's accounts. With the audited and unaudited" (Patton-Fuller) reports from 2008 and 2009 show that there were several differences with the patient accounts as well as in the revenue and expense accounts. In the audited report from 2009 is shows that there was a net income of $373,000 where as in the unaudited report from 2009 shows that they had a net income of $627,000.

At the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, this hospital will treat the most important health concerns that you may have. This hospital will provide health care services that are designed to meet the patient's needs at any stage of life. Patient care is our most important job and we want to make sure that you experience is pleasant as possible. In this presentation we will explain how the hospital has done in the last two years, we will also be discussing the budgeting affects, the new trends that will help make the hospital the best as possible for not only the patient but the doctors as well. We will also discuss how we will forecasts this new trend.


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