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Health Care Coat

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Today, the cost of healthcare is extremely expensive because of the well development and the new advance technology. Because of its successful advancements there have been lots of changes over the past 50 years. Even though technology was not developed as of yet, people were still able to see doctors when they were sick. According to the book, Long Term Budget Outlook, "in 1960, the United States had spent 5.2 percent of GDP on health care services".

The growth in the health care system has increased the use of new medical technology and raised the cost rather than lower the prices of the healthcare services; meanwhile, it has become impossible for people to seek medical help. More people have been unable to prevent or cure any illnesses that they may have had because of the extreme expenses of the healthcare system. The result of this is due to fact most people were unable to afford health insurances because of the insurance's premiums have doubled its prices, causing the emergency rooms in the hospitals to become very crowed.

According to, 2009, National Report Card on the State of Emergency of Emergency Medicine, "hospitals emergency rooms are stretched beyond capacity, as the number of emergency visits has increased to 180 million in 2008". "At the same time, "the number of hospitals' emergency visits has dropped by 9%," according to 2010 National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine. Because of the increased in healthcare cost, so many people are unable to have the access to have a proper healthcare services, so they go to hospitals, crowding the hospitals beyond its capacity, this, only leads me to ask, if all of these developments was to advance the care of the sick then why there are more people than 1960s dying without medical ca

Health improvements 3

care? The managed care regulations in the United States has been able to change the financing in a positive way because there are now healthcare government insurances that are insuring people to be able to seek medical care when needed. The managed care industry has become the biggest well known industry, because of the qualities of care that provides lower premium has made it possible for people to receive medical services. According to Health Insurance and State: NCSL overview, 2011 (2009, published September 2010) " The number of people covered by government health insurance increased to 93.2 million in 2009 from 87.4 million from 2008, whereas, " the number of people that covered by private health insurance has decreased to 194.5 in 2009".

Also According to, Health Care Reform, updated March 4, 2011

"The health care law seeks to extend insurance to more than 30 million people by expanding Medicaid and providing federal subsidies to help lower and middle-income Americans buy private



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