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Maintaining Privacy for Health Care Field Employees

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Essay Preview: Maintaining Privacy for Health Care Field Employees

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Maintaining privacy is very essential to health care field employees. Although medical doctors have to maintain privacy, so do medical receptionist in their profession. Although both professions require maintaining privacy, both fields have their own rules in regards to privacy in similar and different ways. For instance, a medical receptionist may not review the patient information from the chart except in the performance of his or her job and task. They are also not authorized to read a friend or relatives medical chart. On the other hand, only the medical doctor has access to read and view the entire chart for the patient care. When patients ask to receive a copy of their medical records, the receptionist duty is to have them sign a medical release before handing the patient their records. To preserve modesty and privacy, medical doctor and receptionist must knock on the door before entering an exam room. A receptionist should also keep all identifiable patient information from view of patients such as charts, checks, appointment book etc. When discarding confidential patient information, both the doctor and receptionist should shred the material instead of dumping in trash can. Neither doctors nor receptionist should discuss any private information such as billing, treatment, or operations in the lobby or in front of others. Both of these professions require them to speak in low volume when using telephone and talking. This can prevent information to be disclosed to other people where others can overhear. A doctor tries to prevent to give out test results over the phone to protect patient privacy. When receptionist calls patients, they usually call them by their first or last name. However doctors can disclose private when necessary. Patient's information for marketing purposes related to preventive health information such as mammogram reminders, newsletter about childhood vaccinations, or health fair announcements can be disclosed. Also if patients threat another patient, doctor may disclose that information. In conclusion, both fields require them to maintain privacy when working. They should not discuss any private information to another person. Both fields require them to be HIPPA trained.



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