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Health Food Market

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" is the answer for sweet-lovers but wants to balance their diet at the same time. There is an indication that the health conscious markets is growing and are taking the risk to buy premium products to satisfy their needs. (Perceived value = Expected value).


A.1 Segmenting


Segment Variables


Benefit Nutritious


Social Class Upper- middle class to upper-upper class, working class

Lifestyle Healthy lifestyle

Personality Health conscious, vain, food critic


Age 21 yrs. Old above

Generation Generation X, Y and the Baby boomers


City Makati City

A.2 Targeting

Target Market: The growing health conscious market in the Philippines is classified as follows:

21 years old and above



The profile our target market consist of the following behavioural, psychographic, demographic and geographic factors:


* Consumers want nutritious benefits from almost every food they eat.


* Our target market consists of the middle- upper to upper-upper class and also the working class. It is because they are more conscious of the consequences of unhealthy living.

* They have healthy lifestyle and therefore it follows that they are health conscious, food critic, and maybe vain.


* Based on our survey, those who are heath conscious are 21 yrs. old and above who are in Generation X, Y and the Baby boomers.

* It is either they have to maintain healthy because they have work or because they are too old and it requires that they live healthy to live longer.


* Most of the workers are located in Makati City where there is 4.75% of the NCR population.

Table 1. Total Population Distribution



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