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Health in Mali

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This paper will talk about the integration of Traditional (TM) into National Health Systems in Mali and the collaboration between Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) and Conventional Health Practitioners (CHPs). To prepare for this paper, I read the assignments and took extensive notes.

Objectives to promote TM in Mali And Necessity of Collaboration between THPs and CHPs

The two objectives that Mali opted for to promote TM were "factoring traditional health activities into the national health policy, and actualizing the local production of medicines from locally available natural resources" (Diallo, Koumare, Traore, Sanago, & Coulibaly, 2003). In order to factor these activities into the health policy, they had to first have "collaboration between traditional health practitioners (THPs) and conventional health practitioners (CHPs)" (Diallo, Koumare, Traore, Sanago, & Coulibaly, 2003). They had to work together, respect each other and each other's abilities, and understand their limits. They had to establish mutual confidence, which only came after a period of observation, where the use of traditional medicine was observed, and documented, and the results making the decision either for or against them.

The collaboration between THPs and CHPs is "necessary for improvement of the health status of the general population" (Diallo, Koumare, Traore, Sanago, & Coulibaly, 2003). In Timbuktu, the collaboration between the two has resulted in a declined mortality rate caused by malaria from 5% in 1997 to 2% in 1998. This proves that the collaboration between the two is definitely beneficial. With the two working together, Mali can expect an overall better health care system. The benefits of having THPs and CHPs working together are endless. The research that is generated from the two working together has and will come up with different and better ways of treating different illness and disease. Dr. Luis Sambo stated at the fourth African Traditional Medicine Day commemoration that "countries should embrace traditional health practitioners as partners in the health care system. The proximity of these practitioners to the community makes them a reliable resource to support families and individuals" (Kasilo, 2006).


Countries need to consider the endless possibilities that are opened up to them with the collaboration of THPs and CHPs in their community. The research opens up many new ways of treating illness and disease, it helps discovery of new medicines and their uses, and provides and overall better service.


Diallo, D., Koumare, M., Traore, A.K., Sanago, R., & Coulibaly, D. (2003).



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