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Heart Disease

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Over the past 10 years in the United State the rise of Heart Disease has been a growing concern to the life of many men and women. Heart Disease actually is specifically called coronary heart disease in which basically there is a plaque buildup in the wall of the arteries, which is called atherosclerosis. So the buildup narrows the arteries which cause it to slow the blood flow or maybe stop it which causes a Heart Attack. What are the symptoms? Some symptoms of Heart Disease are Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath, (Pain, Numbness, or coldness) in your legs or arms. That's only if your vessels or arteries are narrowed in those areas. Also Heart Disease symptoms may be caused by abnormal heartbeats, heart defects, thick heart muscles, and heart infections. ("What is Heart Disease?" What are symptoms of Heart Disease?")

How do you get Heart Disease? One big reason or way to get heart disease is having an unhealthy diet. Taking in too many fatty foods is not good, also taking in a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol can make u end up getting atherosclerosis. High intake of salt and sodium (which is pretty much the same thing) is not good because it will raise your blood pressure and that will make the heart work harder which will make the heart stiffer and the arteries stiffer. Then all of that can also increase the chance of diabetes. Another way to get heart disease is because of your genetics, if your parents or your relatives had it you have more chance of developing it yourself. ("How do you get Heart Disease?" What are the symptoms of Heart Disease?")

Some ways to prevent Heart Disease is to not smoke or use tobacco because that can weaken the heart by making it work harder. Also it is good to exercise 30 to 60 minutes everyday so you can stay in shape because if you don't stay in shape and you gain weight then it can affect your heart by putting more strain on it. Also eating a heart healthy diet is good which means not too much Trans fat saturated fat and sodium. If you take these types of Foods in then it will make your arteries narrower by clogging it up with fatty foods. Also maintaining a good weight is important because if you are obese then it will make your heart work harder and that can cause you to get Heart Disease. Then it doesn't hurt to get heart screenings regularly because it is good to check it out to see if you have it or not. ("How to prevent heart disease.")



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